The Smart Remote Diagnostics Solution

Thermobot lower side view

Idea Mapping

When HomeServe wanted to reduce OpEx costs and improve customer experience, they turned to Ovon. Boiler engineer visits are a major customer pain point, with an inability to fix a problem on a first visit being firstly expensive and secondly bad for customer satisfaction. After all an engineer can’t be expected to know what’s gone wrong before he arrives, can he?

Enter ThermoBot, the smart remote diagnostics solution developed by Ovon and currently being piloted across HomeServe’s customer base. The brief was simple, we want a system that enables our engineers to see a problem before they visit and know what’s required to fix this. With so many boilers in the market, this presented quite a challenge, with multiple communication protocols and wiring compatibilities required.

Design Solution

Ovon designed a simple to install solution, with one wiring point allowing for an engineer to install the system in the same way to every boiler, regardless of manufacturer type. Ease of use was key for engineers, so the unit was designed to fit alongside a boiler, with a simple form factor that was unobtrusive to a customer and importantly easy to install. With backwards compatibility to boilers from 2005 and potentially older, Ovon’s ThermoBot solution enabled all of market access for HomeServe without complicated qualification criteria.

Thermobot with boiler
thermobot and app

Functional Testing

With data being fed into HomeServe’s internal analytics system, ThermoBot enables engineers to fix a problem on first visit and is even compatible with pre-existing thermostats by acting as a pass-through. Improved customer experience, reduced OpEx costs and all delivered in under 12 months of development to a full CE-certified product? That’s why HomeServe chose Ovon.

Thermobot exploded view



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