Testing and Compliance

Testing and compliance is an essential part of launching a safe, new product. Testing can however be costly and timely especially on new designs. Here at Ovon we expertly manage the entire process for you, allowing you to easily avoid the common problems designers face and minimise your costs.


Here at Ovon we ensure your full legal compliance while minimising excess costs and maintaining often challenging deadlines. Through full integration in the design process, we expertly analyse your requirements then work with our trusted partners for highly-specific laboratory testing.

We work with your team

Our design engineers actively review and input into the design process. Through having a thorough understanding of the products to be tested, we avoid any common pitfalls and any expensive unnecessary laboratory time.

We work with our partners

Ovon have a trusted network of laboratory specialists, providing legally compliant testing that ensures your products meet all required specifications. We manage all necessary communication, preventing any problems for you and your products.

We work with any recommendations

Our design engineers are able to easily interpret any testing feedback into easily actionable plans. This ensures that your products are able to be easily amended if required and improvements made. You can then offer your customers a product complying to the highest standards.

All Your Needs Covered

Testing we Offer

We offer management of all required testing for your products. Please see below for a list of tests we can arrange for your products.

  • Conducted Emissions Testing
  • Radiated Emissions Testing
  • Susceptibility Testing
  • Mains Dropout Testing
  • Insulation Testing
  • General Measured Parameters, Harmonic Distortion etc.
  • Radiated Emissions Testing
  • Radiated Immunity Testing
  • Magnetic Field Testing
  • Flicker Testing
  • Harmonics Testing
  • Surge Testing
  • Conducted Immunity Testing


Not sure what testing you need? Let the Ovon experts handle the process easily for you!

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