Ovon is your complete product design solution

We offer end to end product design. From your ideas right through to a finished, manufactured product. Take a look at our simple process below.

Idea Mapping

We work with you to scope your idea. We talk to your customers, research your market and look at the latest technological innovations. After this stage we’ll have:

  • Detailed technical schematics of your product.
  • Cost per manufacturing unit including component breakdown.
  • Product Launching guidelines and market research.

Proof of Concept

This is where the fun really begins. You will hold in your hands your prototype product! These first revision hardware and software will provide you and your customers with a real-life experience of your end product. You can expect:

  • Fully functional PCB electronics.
  • 3-D printed plastic enclosures (the external design of your product).
  • Functional software that interacts with your hardware.

Iterate and Improve

We’re nearing production now, so this is the time we make those final revisions. Finalising the plastic designs, optimising the electronics, tweaking those key software features. This includes alpha and beta testing of the product to give us:

  • Production-ready electronics and plastics, your complete product.
  • Fully functional software that allows for a customisable UI to fit your brand.
  • Packaging, instruction manuals and accessories.

Go to Production

We manage all the legal testing and compliance of your product, using our experience designing your product to avoid any problems. We then work with either our partners or your selected manufacturer to provide tooling and design-ready files to get those big orders filled. Finally, we have:

  • A fully legally-certified product ready for mass market.
  • Tooling for manufacture of your product produced in appropriate volumes.
  • Design files of your product transferred to factory so you can begin manufacturing!

Let us design your dream today!