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Take a look at projects below that our team members have been involved in and produced.


Smart radiator valve

  • Enables room by room heating control.
  • Monitors temperature and humidity.
  • Integrates with range of smart home devices through central hub.
  • Control multiple valves through 1 app.
  • Includes patent-pending thermal energy recovery system, no battery replacement needed!

Why heat and cool your whole home? The Ovon team designed, developed and sold a cutting edge smart radiator valve that allowed for room by room control. With the backing of E.ON the team sold over £250,000 worth of products on Kickstarter.

With a stylish design, multiple models (with battery replacement and without), the latest wireless protocols (Thread) and excellent customer response, this product embodies the capabilities of the Ovon team.

WildLife Tracker

  • Long lasting battery life (over 2 years).
  • Wireless signal transmitter over UHF frequencies.
  • Waterproof and damage resistant
  • Internal cached data storage.
  • Supporting software for data collection.
  • Non invasive and animal friendly

Built to solve the problem of monitoring migration in difficult environments thereby allowing for increased awareness of animal behaviour and human impact.

The product was released onto the market and used as far afield as Canada, Norway and Greenland, demonstrating in real scenarios the technological resilience of the solution.

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Fast charging of the vehicle.
  • Monitoring of the vehicle status.
  • Integration of payment system.
  • Easy installation of physical infrastructure.
  • Weatherproof design.
  • Long-lasting and easily upgradable based on market changes.

When tasked to develop an EV charging station, there were lots of considerations. Make of car, voltage, ease of installation and not least of all the British weather!

With an iterative mindset of producing small scale prototypes followed by the integration of custom software, eventually a full charging solution was implemented for happy customers.

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